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Environmental studies

Daerwynno’s natural surroundings provide an ideal area to explore the diverse varieties of creatures and wildlife, and educational activities run by the centre allow children to gain a valuable learning experience in a fun environment.

Our pond and nearby wetlands, trees, bushes and rocks are each home to a wide array of animals, insects and spiders which groups can catch, identify and then, of course, return them to their natural environment.

Pond Dipping

Fed by two natural springs, the pond within our grounds is a haven for aquatic wildlife. Appearing to be still at first, under the surface is an exciting environment with a huge number of species.

Minibeast Safari

Our intrepid explorers can search our grounds for beetles, spiders, frogs, lizards and many other creatures. Each tree, log, bush and rock is a hiding place or home for many animals, just waiting to be uncovered!

Tree Identification

A short walk into the forest will give children the chance to identify several different types of tree, through noticing characteristics of their leaves, bark, twigs and overall shape.

Other environmental activities include making bird boxes and feeders, and protecting local wildlife by clearing litter in and around the forest area.

Picture of a frog being held in hands.

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